Erd Soap

  • Skincare / Personal care

“Erd” in Scottish means “Earth” in English. Erd Soap produces environmentally friendly handcrafted soaps using biodegradable ingredients which are gentle on the earth. They are also in the process of cutting the use of palm oil because the palm tree plantations in South East Asian countries have caused major damage to the environment including wild animals.


They are proud of using local ingredients such as glacial marine clay, organic hemp seed oil, and goat milk. Hempseed Goat Milk Soap and Glacial Marine Clay Soap are the two top-selling soaps.


Originally designed for the sensitive skin type of Japanese people, the soaps are now available online in Canada and the U.S. as well. You can also see Miyuki from Erd Soap at local markets like the UBC Farm Market. Check out her schedule in the company website or the SNS.

Based in: Vancouver