It was a really fascinating first year for us. We met a lot of Japanese artisans at craft fairs, pop-up stores and/or special cultural events. On our website, you can learn about what they do and how you can reach them.


We appreciate that many people found our community very interesting and actually approached some of the artisans, and every time we heard these new experiences were created because of our website, we were so excited for them.


This year, as we continue to do what we’ve been doing, we’d also like to shift our efforts a little bit to connect Japanese artisans to more local people and local activities. So we’ve modified our website for English speaking people to make it more comfortable to visit.


We hope you’ll enjoy our new website and also find the information useful for your activities (contacting them for your events, ordering their products, recruiting them for your stores, etc.).


Yoko from Handmade Vancouver /teshigoto/
January 19, 2017