Handmade Vancouver /teshigoto/

What is “Teshigoto”?

Te-shi-go-to, pronounced te-shee-go-toh, is the classic tradition of handmade arts and crafts of Japan. The work of skilled artisans has attracted many people around the globe and increased their interest in Japanese culture. At the same time, “teshigoto” is deeply rooted in the life of Japanese people. We believe that teshigoto is so eloquent that it communicates with its users what Japanese people put value on. In our website and facebook, we introduce Japanese artisans in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

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About the author of this website:
This website is run by Yoko who immigrated to Canada with her family. She graduated with a Master of Education degree in Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL) from SFU. She’s interested in exploring English acquisition through social interactions and creating opportunities for Japanese people in Vancouver to mingle with local people.